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        手機: 13064776677

        電話: 13064776677

        傳真: 0573-86572095

        郵箱: 327155587@qq.com

        網址: www.dalianra.com.cn


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               歐之杰建材始創于 2004 年,迄今為止已有 10 余年的發展歷史。憑借公司強大的實力、精致的工藝與細致的服務,歐之杰已在杭州、佛山、嘉興、桐鄉四地成立分公司。歐之杰是業內一家集工程裝飾材料集成吊頂與集成墻面的研發、生產、銷售、服務于一體的專業企業,擁有先進的生產設備和大規模的生產供貨能力,現已成為行業翹楚。




        Ouzhijie building materials was founded in 2004, so far has been more than 10 years of development history. With the company's strong strength,exquisite craftsmanship and meticulous service, Oujie has set up branch offices in Hangzhou, Foshan, Jiaxing and Tongxiang. Europe's Jie is a set of engineering and decorative materials integrated roof and integrated wall research and development, production, sales and service in one of the professional enterprises, with advanced production equipment and large-scale production and supply capacity, has become the industry leader.

        Ouzhijie brand development thanks to the substantial strength. The company uses advanced technology and equipment at home and abroad, not only in the production of the transformation, but also in the product innovation. it has a professional team and production design, product modeling, style design, operation channel management, market development and after-sales service as a whole, to provide professional customers with smallpox ceiling service. Fang Tong, ecological wood, metal tact, dark frame of square plate, strip buckle, hanging plate, aluminum plate and other products have been launched in europe jeff, cold bending, extrusion molding, grinding, heat transfer, painting and other multi craft precision manufacturing.

        Ouzhijie will be in the product manufacturing and service system will maintain a consistent attitude of excellence in the new product development on the road always adhere to the new and changing exploration attitude. europe's jie tomorrow, looking forward to more people with lofty ideals tojoin.


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